Welcome to “Twintrigue” — a lifestyle blog with glimpses into the world of twin parenthood!

Originally, this blog idea started out as a collection of ideas… musings that I’ve often had about random things and always wondered if other people did too. Confused? Let me explain….

My family and I live in Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb just outside Washington, DC. It’s a metropolitan area with small pockets of Smalltown, USA-esque neighborhoods, recently named one of the quaintest cities in Virginia by Southern Living magazine. I’ve always been fascinated by the architecture Alexandria has to offer, and often drive by houses and old buildings and have no idea how long they’ve been there and who put them there to begin with. Then I thought, “I bet other people wonder this too!” My idea was to go around to all these places and interview people, then blog about my findings. Eventually, I would gain a following of millions of people, have a fan base who offered thousands of subjects they’ve often wondered about, and I would become the world’s most successful professional blogger.

Then, I joined reality.

I am a full time working wife and mother with a passion for writing. So, if I can’t go traipsing around my city and interviewing people, what do I have to offer you?

I offer to you my views on parenting, cooking, the best TV shows to binge watch while you are lamenting missing a day drinking trip with your child-free friends, and life in general.

This blog is meant to be a release for my creative musings about everything, but for now will focus on the biggest part of our lives currently… parenthood.

It’s sprinkled with many pieces of unsolicited advice about raising twins and keeping yourself sane while doing it.

Enjoy it, share it, and let me know what you want to see!

– Mary