Anecdotes, Twins

“Most People Start With One…”

In the first year of Jack and Emma’s lives, we took a lot of walks. Walks are VERY important in those months, mostly because movement and change of scenery provides a very tired set of parents a much needed respite from all the crying. And of course, fresh air. It’s a blissful, silent few minutes as you enjoy a leisurely stroll through your neighborhood. It’s something that both you and the twins get used to. It’s something that, possibly, they even look forward to.

So, how can that be a bad thing? It can, my friends. Why, you ask? Because, rain. Rain prevents you from having your leisurely multiple strolls around the block! So, what’s a parent to do? Find a mall. I introduced Jack and Emma very early on to the joys of Nordstrom and Pentagon City mall, one of my favorite places for as long as I can remember (much to the detriment of my wallet over the years…) Whenever I had a day off with them and the weather was bad, we would hop in the car and head to the mall to do laps.

I did a lot of research on strollers before the twins were born — like months worth of research. We settled on the Graco Modes Duo stroller because the seats were removable and you could just click the car seats into it. Life. Changing. You don’t really realize how much work it is to wrangle a kid into a stroller until you can no longer just port them around in their carriers. This stroller was it. Instead of being side-by-side, it was long. The only problem with this is that it’s like driving a tank down a city street. You leave a path of destruction wherever you go.

One day, when it was raining and we all had cabin fever, the twins and I headed over to the mall to wander. We ended up in the baby section of Nordstrom, where we perused baby seats and the Teslas of the baby stroller world. Mildly curious about the UppaBaby double stroller that was half the size of our stroller, I flagged down the salesperson and asked the question I would later regret – “How much is this?” She walked off and looked up the price, came back and told me the stroller was $750, and that was just for the one seat. The additional seat was an extra $250. I looked at her and without realizing what I was doing, replied “You mean to tell me that someone would pay a THOUSAND dollars for a stroller?” She looked at me without missing a beat and replied, “Well, most people just start with ONE baby.” That was the plan, lady. Let’s file that away under “Things Not To Say To An Overtired Twin Mother,” shall we?

We now have a Joovy stroller, and I’ve never looked back.

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